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Hato Global LTD

Hato is a telecommunication platform where businesses can find agents from all around the world and interact with them using the most advanced technologies. Agents, in turn, receive a space with no borders, where everyone can realise oneself regardless of one’s geographical location, education and individual characteristics.


As a business owner, you can find suitable candidates among many agents from around the world, and avoid such standard expenses as rent, high salaries in the region, or expensive intermediaries, the cost of which exceeds the remuneration of a good agent.


As an agent, you can find an interesting and suitable project for yourself, working directly with a business from around the world, earning a lot more than it is possible in your region. And most importantly, working remotely, you will have more free time for family, self-development, travel and other things that are important to you.


We also offer a CRM system that is based on three principles - simplicity, convenience and benefit. It is ideal for contact centres, customer support, sales, lead generation, and other telecommunications areas. And you can start using it right now for free, with no training or complex integrations required.

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